Gear We Love: Tripods For Beginners

As you begin your journey into photography, one of the first recommended items is a good tripod. In this article, we will briefly describe why a tripod is helpful, as well as share with you our favorite tripods for beginners.


So, why do you need a tripod? For beginners, taking photos in dark situations can seem tricky, and sometimes just plain impossible. That's where tripods come in; they are fantastic tools that allow photographers to make photos in dark environments that require slow shutter-speeds. Slow shutter-speeds (a.k.a long exposures) allow the camera to collect light for longer periods of time, and tripods prevent the inevitable camera shake and blurry photos experienced in low-light situations.  

The goal for newcomers is to find a tripod that fits your needs without breaking the bank. You don't need to spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars to strike a good balance between affordability, durability, and ease-of-use. The following beginner level tripods are in no particular order, have been personally tested by our team, and are not sponsored products - simply gear we trust! 

Manfrotto Compact

One of our favorites, this tripod is perfect for beginner photographers on the go. Compact and lightweight, it's best suited for small DSLRs & mirrorless cameras with kit lenses, and for those who sometimes work in small places, or want to carry their tripod in a bag or backpack.  

Zomei Lightweight

For photographers with heavier zoom lenses or who aren't traveling as much, the Zomei tripod is a great choice. The classic Arca type mounting plate (a.k.a., Arca Swiss) is universal and adaptable to other tripods (helpful later on when you may have more gear), and the clip lock legs are better suited for beginners (as opposed to the twist lock variety). This tripod is great balance of strength and portability.  

Benro Pro Angel 1 Series

The Benro Pro series is a bit more advanced than these other two versions, and great for new photographers looking to upgrade. With a ball head design (which offers a 360-degree swivel), Arca type mount, and twist tightening legs, this tripod is impressivly compact yet strong. Suitable for all camera sizes, this tripod will be with you for years to come. 

It's worth noting that tripods, no matter how much they cost, can be a little cumbersome and require practice and patience. The more you use them, the better you will become at maximizing their potential to help you make great photos. A perfect way to practice is with the BPW during one of our Night Photography classes, out in the field around the Boston area. 

Happy shooting!

-- The BPW Team