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+ Which class should I start with?

  • New to photography? We designed Digital Cameras I just for you. Learn how to get the most out of your camera and shoot in manual mode, with hands-on guidance from our friendly team.
  • Looking to improve your photo-editing skills? Join us for our Photoshop or Lightroom classes, and unlock the magic within your pictures.

+ How do I know if my camera is suitable for the class?

  • If your camera is a dSLR, mirrorless, or compact camera that allows you to use manual (M) settings, then you’re all set for any of our classes. If you are still unsure, please email us and we’ll help you figure it out.

+ Where are classes held?

  • Occasionally, we hold classes at an annex studio in places like Union Square or East Somerville. This location is always specified when you select a class date.
  • Our Better Composition: Photo Walk and Night Photography classes take place in different locations around Boston, including the Back Bay, Zakim Bridge, and Beacon Hill. Be sure to note the specific location before signing up for a class.

+ What is the cancellation and transfer policy?

  • Our cancellation and withdrawal policy for regular classes is as follows: Withdrawal 3 or more days before class date = 100% refund of your tuition. Withdrawal 1-2 days before class date = 50% refund of your tuition. Withdrawal on the day of class or no-shows = we are unable to offer a refund.
  • We are always willing to transfer you into another class if you become unavailable for the class date you initially enrolled in. Contact us and let us know which class you are registered for, as well as which class date you would like to transfer to. Please note that we can offer you one free transfer for your class date; after that, each transfer will include a $25 administrative fee.
  • Special events and travel workshops have a slightly different cancelation policy, due to the advanced planning of the trip.
  • Please note that the BPW may cancel a class due to low enrollment in the course. In this case, you will be able to receive a full refund, student credit, or transfer to another class.

+ I’m taking a class with a friend; can we share the same camera?

  • In a hands-on learning situation, having your own camera is best. To accommodate anyone without a camera, we have rental cameras available for the duration of class for $25. This includes a lens and memory card (after class, at your request, we can send you your images).

+ What can gift certificates be used for, and how can I redeem them?

+ I do not own any camera equipment (tripod, camera, etc); can I rent from the BPW?

  • We are always willing to accommodate our students. We provide cameras and tripods, for in-class use for a minimum rental fee:

+ How old do I have to be to attend a class?

  • The BPW loves to work with all ages. For students 12 and under, a parent must attend class and stay for the duration. They can observe in our studio but will not be part of the class. Parents who wish to participate can enroll at half cost. For students 13 and above, a parent may drop off the student but must check-in with the instructor before class. Parents wishing to participate in class can enroll at full cost.

+ I want a private class for myself/my spouse and myself/my company/etc. How do I request a (group or individual) private lesson?

  • If you’re interested in a private lesson please visit our Private Lesson page and let us know how we can help.