Ball for a Cause

Basketballs are flying everywhere you look as multiple 3-on-3 games are taking place on the courts at Somerville’s Trum Field. The players pay no mind to the sun beating down on them on this particularly hot June day. Beyond the unofficial soundtrack of any basketball game– the sound of sneakers being squeaked across the asphalt and encouraging shouts from the crowd— is the rapid-fire sound of camera shutters opening and closing without hesitation.

For the second year in a row, the BPW’s instructors and students took photos for the charitable basketball tournament, Ball for a Cause, while practicing their sports photography skills. Each student’s enrollment fee for this special edition sports photography class was given to the Somerville Homeless Coalition– a nonprofit that provides an array of monetary and supportive services to homeless or near homeless individuals. Your donation helps SHC to put food on the table, relief of outstanding fees or bills, and maintain a network of affordable housing for those in a crises.  

After a brief discussion about the  technical aspects to accomplishing successful action shots, BPW students had full access to the basketball courts, giving them the chance to get creative with their composition and interact with the players. Many of our participants were beginners and wanted to practice their sports photography skills so they can improve the shots they get of their loved ones’ games, from a spouse’s pickup game in the park to a kid’s soccer tournament. Others simply wanted to get out of their comfort zone and try a little something new.

At the end of the day, everyone had smiles on their faces. Students captured photos they didn’t know were possible, and the BPW was proud to help the Somerville Homeless Coalition bring in hundreds of dollars in donations.  You might call it a slam dunk...