Holiday gifts for the photographer who seems to have everything

It is gift-giving season! If you’re looking for a gift for a friend who loves taking photos, this article may be for you! Take a look at some of our recommendations for great gifts for the shutter bugs in your life. If you have a friend who loves taking photos, then this article may be for you! 

1. A goodie bag of essentials

These are the wool socks of gift giving in the camera world--they'll thank you later. You can never go wrong gifting the following items:

  1. Memory cards and a case: we can never recommend enough Class 10 memory cards. Get a colorful case for your shutterbug as well! [Memory Cards] / [Case]

  2. Filters: these cheap life savers help prevent scratching the surface of a lens. They can really take a hit too. Just a heads up: you need to know what kind of lenses you're dealing with. A safe start is purchasing filters for kit lenses. Here is a youtube video showing you where to find the lens diameter for a filter.

  3. Rocket Air Blasters: this is an oversight to many photographers. This can get any dust specks or stray cat hairs (speaking from experience) out of your sensor as safely as possible. [Link]


2. Flash Modifiers / Diffusers


Maybe the photographer you know has some snazzy gear– like a shoe mounted external flash. You can contribute to their photography game by gifting them a flash modifier. These accessories diffuse direct, harsh light to create a softly lit photo. Our favorites? 

  1. Expoimage Rogue Flashbender (39.95) [Link] 

  2. Gary Fong Major Dome Cloud (49.95) [Link]


3. Manfrotto Travel Tripod

This Italian engineered tripod was built to withstand elements with its carbon-fiber frame. It's intuitively designed with how a photography might use it in mind! It's built to last and relatively light (for a tripod) – It's not wonder why the Manfrotto is a favorite at the BPW. [Link] 


4. Peak Capture Camera Clip

Peak Designs are a great company to all types of explorers. Give the gift of convenience with this clip-on camera accessory! [Link] 



5. A Nifty Fifty a la Burrito 


Ok– this may be a personal Christmas hint, but what better way would there be to present an essential buy such as the 50mm 1.8 lens with a Photojojo Burrito Lens Wrap?

For more lens recommendations, check out our other article Holiday Buying Guide



All of the items we recommended can be taught and used in our classes. If you’re still lost on what to give your photographer-friend, then we can safely bet a BPW Gift Certificate will be a memorable gift received. They don’t expire and can be used towards customized private lessons! 

The BPW wishes you and your loved ones a wonderful holiday season!