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Pet Photography with Fred Levy

Lights, camera, woof!


Get your treats and squeaker ready—we’re taking photos of dogs! In this class you'll learn to apply the concepts of portrait photography (with some unique differences) to our four-legged friends. You’ll get down to their level and learn to deal with some of the challenges of pet photography, while learning new ways to use your camera.

Pet Photography with Fred Levy

Learn how to capture the best photographs of pets, from making sure your model (and their owner) enjoys the experience, to being prepared to catch that perfect combination of pose, lighting, and background. You’ll need some technical skill, a positive attitude—and maybe some string cheese.

First, we’ll discuss what gear and settings are optimal for both indoor and outdoor set-ups. Then, you’ll have hands-on practice with doggie models both outside in a nearby park (weather permitting) as well as inside the studio to work with different shooting styles and learn how to capture each dog’s personality.

Leading this workshop is professional photographer and pet whisperer, Fred Levy. With over 20 years of experience as a photographer, Fred is passionate about working with man’s best friend; you can see some of his photos in his successful book, “The Black Dogs Project.” The BPW is excited to partner with Fred on this fun and unique workshop. Check out more of Fred’s work here.



  • Class is 4.5 hours and includes a 15-min break

  • Class size: limit 6


  • DSLR, mirrorless, or advanced point & shoot camera that has "manual mode"


  • A second lens option

  • A notepad and pen/pencil

  • Interested in perfecting your images from class? Be sure to sign up for our follow-up workshop for editing your photos: Lightroom 2 Portrait & Pet Editing on March 30.

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