Food Photography II


Food Photography II


Food Photography II is an intermediate level course designed to reveal the little known, yet crucial techniques of styling and lighting in food photography. Students will work with one of our instructors and learn how to style, compose, and control artificial & natural light. By the end of class, student will be able to create easy, at-home studio set-ups including backdrops and textured surfaces. The class will end with helpful editing techniques specific to food photography. 



  • Class is 4 hours and includes a 15 min break
  • Class size: limit 5


  • Prerequisite: Food Photography I
  • Digital SLR, mirrorless camera, or advanced compact camera with manual features
  • Tripod at least 24 in. height (please email us if you do not have a tripod and need to rent one from the studio)
  • Notepad and pen/pencil


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