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Travel Photography

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Every trip we take brings with it special memories and moments. By learning how to document your travels with your camera, you can create images that will help you remember each adventure for years to come.

Travel photography can create new obstacles and challenges that you might not expect. To help you better prepare for your special trips, the BPW has created a series of travel workshops to help you prepare, execute, and come home with better photos and experiences—no matter where your adventures take you.

Travel Photography

In each workshop, we will cover different helpful topics for unique scenarios, from night photography, lens suggestions, and packing tips for gear, to planning tools for offline travel and photo storage on the go.

The BPW also offers other courses that pair well with specific travel workshops, giving you additional in-the-field practice. For example, Night Photography workshops throughout greater Boston are highly beneficial for Astrophotography and The Northern Lights students, and Better Composition: Photo Walk is great for those interested in Street Photography and Urban Landscapes by allowing you to practice your skills photographing buildings, streetscapes, and people.


  • This indoor class is 3 hours and includes a 15 minute break

  • Class size: limit 8


  • Highly recommended: DSLR, mirrorless, or advanced point & shoot camera that has “manual mode.” We offer camera rentals for the class here

  • Recommended: Tripod at least 24” in height. We offer tripod rentals for the class here

  • Notepad and pen/pencil

Date & Time / Topic:
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Class Topics:

  • Astrophotography & The Northern Lights* ⍰
  • Landscapes & The Great Outdoors ⍰
  • Street Photo & Urban Landscapes* ⍰
  • Lightroom Mobile / Editing on the go ⍰


+ I'm new to photography, should I start with these classes?

  • Travel Photography is a great class to learn tips for specific photography goals. However, if you're just starting with your camera and/or photography, we suggest starting with our most popular class, Digital Cameras 1

+ Do I need a camera for these classes?

  • Bringing a camera is highly encouraged. In each class we'll discuss settings and tactics that will be camera-specific, so having your camera on hand will be helpful. Interested in renting a camera for class? We have you covered, rent with us here.

+ During the class will we go outside and take photos?

  • These workshops are lecture based and may include some outdoor photography, but only for a brief time. To get full hands-on practice we suggest looking into our additional classes: Night Photography, and Better Composition Photo Walk.

+ What should I bring to class?

  • 4-5 days prior to the class students will receive an email with detailed instructions about what to bring, where to meet, and what to expect. If you need questions answered prior to that, you may always email us here.