Student Spotlights

Learn more about our talented community and find out how BPW students turn their passion for photography into freelance work, fulfilling hobbies, or even full-time careers.


Joon Kang

South Korea native Hyuck Joon Kang (just “Joon” to his friends) came to the United States in 2003 to pursue his doctoral degree in molecular genetics at the University of Tennessee… .

Davood Dashti

A native of Iran who has been in the US since 2015, Davood Dashti’s passion for photography is relatively recent. He became interested in pictures in 2012 when he bought an iPhone 4 and started using Instagram for the first time...

Chris Williams

Chris Williams has had a long-standing love of photography since childhood, but didn’t realize it until recently. “My mom was cleaning out her attic and came across a whole box of my photos from when I was younger…”

In addition to working full-time at an architectural firm, Boston-based Caitlin Manning is a successful freelance photographer and BPW student. Her expertise lies in keenly capturing the simple but important moments...

Susan Zhao

In January 2018, BPW student Susan Zhao and her fiancé, Boris, embarked on a six-month journey from Boston to Argentina in a ’99 Toyota Land Cruiser named Fred. Their adventures…are being documented...