Lightroom I

Ready to edit your photos? Adobe Lightroom is a popular, introductory editing program that can take your pictures from "ok" to "wow!" We will walk you through Lightroom's array of editing tools and show you how and when to use them. The goal of this class is to help the casual camera-user bring out the best in their photos.

Learn what it takes to create eye-catching portraits. From professional head-shots to family photos, we will introduce you to the portrait making process. Working side-by-side with one of our professional photographers, you will learn composition, lighting, and how to interact with your subject for the best results.

The next step in your camera education. This technical class focuses on more advanced camera settings and techniques, like white balance, depth-of-field, and subject-based focal lengths. Essential for those who want to get more out of their cameras.

Show off your work and get helpful feedback. Sharing and discussing photos is crucial for improvement at any level. Led by a professional photographer and driven by student material, this class will help you learn in a casual and comfortable environment. Improve your photographic techniques, and learn what steps to take during your next photoshoot.