In-Depth Workshops

A step beyond our One-Day Workshops, BPW's In-Depth Workshop series focuses more deeply on different aspects of both hobby and professional photography, allowing you to try new challenges and widen your skill set.



Learn to photograph the star-filled night sky! During these workshops, you’ll travel to a location with dark night skies and learn to capture the Milky Way with our helpful instructors by your side for a personalized one-on-one experience.


Travel Photography

Every trip we take brings with it special memories and moments. By learning how to document your travels with your camera, you can create images that will help you remember each adventure for years to come.


Black & White Photography

Learn to see the world in a new way. In this full-day, two-part class, you'll learn to both create better black & white photos, but also how to edit them to enhance texture, luminosity, and mood.

Macro Photography

Learn to photograph the unseen world of small. In this workshop students will use our equipment and their cameras to create unique and fun images.

HDR Photography

Using the high dynamic range (HDR) method, you'll learn how to take and make better photos in tough lighting conditions, allowing you to blend exposures to embrace both the light and the dark.

Olle Eriksson

Boston: Before & After

With historic photographs as your guide, you’ll learn to take before-and-after pictures of some of Boston’s oldest buildings and neighborhoods. Perfect for those interested in architectural and/or landscape photography.


Concert Photography with Paris Visone

Learn to shoot like the pros, with a pro. Experience photography in this unique and unmatched setting. Get up close and personal with access to the photo pit and learn to take energy filled and dramatic photos


More to come...


More to come..