Lightroom II: Projects


Lightroom II: Projects


"Lightroom II: Projects" is a course designed to help intermediate level students continue and expand their education in Adobe Lightroom by practicing their editing skills with step-by-step guidance.

Lightroom II: Projects will allow students to refamiliarize themselves with the program at a fun and relaxed pace. During the class, specific tools will be explained and demonstrated with in-class assignments designed to help students better understand Lightroom. Time will also be included for students to work on their own images with the guidance of an expert, who can answer all questions regarding Lightroom's tools. 

Who this class is for:

Students who have previously taken our Lightroom I course and would like to practice and expand their skills further.

New students who are already familiar with LR and would like tips & guidance while editing their photos.


  • Class is 4 hours and includes a 20 min break
  • Class size: limit 6


  • Previous enrollment in Lightroom I, or equivalent. 
  • Laptop computer
  • 5-10 digital images you'd like to edit
  • Prior to class, all students will need to have Lightroom on their laptop computer. Please find a free 30-day trial version at Adobe's website here: Lightroom Trial


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