Start here. Here you'll learn camera basics as we explain how to correctly use your camera and make better pictures. It's easy, fun, and the best way to start learning. 

Get out and practice those skills! You’ll meet one of our helpful BPW instructors at a Boston-area public place and work side-by-side for the entire session. Practice taking better pictures in the real world while shooting in a variety of settings, indoors and outdoors. Students are encouraged to ask any questions they encounter along the way and will be given expert feedback to boost their photographic know-how.

Night Photography

Practice shooting in challenging light. Ever wanted to capture the amazing look of a scene during the evening light, or maybe you're tired of getting dark, underexposed photos at night? In this outdoor class, you’ll work side-by-side with a BPW instructor on the technical aspects and integral tricks of nighttime photography.

Food Photography I

Not just for foodies! Food photography is a great class for beginners and intermediate students alike. This class has tips, tricks, and methods in composition for all levels.  A slow pace and small class size make this one of our favorite (and most fun) classes to offer. 

Show off your work and get helpful feedback. Sharing and discussing photos is crucial for improvement at any level. Led by a professional photographer and driven by student material, this class will help you learn in a casual and comfortable environment. Improve your photographic techniques, and learn what steps to take during your next photoshoot.