Give your food photos some style. A continuation of Food Photography 1, this course will introduce students to additional lighting equipment & techniques as well as advanced styling tips to improve food set-ups

Dive deeper into editing. For students who want to learn even more by doing. This course is the follow-up to Lightroom 1 and gives students the opportunity to work on small assignments, as well as
their own images, with one-on-one guidance from our experienced team. 

Don't just capture light, but learn how to control it. You'll be guided step-by-step through the fundamentals of using flash & strobe lighting in photography. This course examines portraiture and still-life lighting set-ups for students that are hungry for more photo control.

Want to learn what the pros use? Photoshop is by far the benchmark program for image-editing for advanced users. With endless possibilities for the creative process, this class will introduce students to Adobe Photoshop's many tools, as well as the RAW processor. 

Show off your work and get helpful feedback. Sharing and discussing photos is crucial for improvement at any level. Led by a professional photographer and driven by student material, this class will help you learn in a casual and comfortable environment. Improve your photographic techniques, and learn what steps to take during your next photoshoot.